[#BluHacks - What do you do with yours ?]

Blu Tack® has a multitude of uses, or ‘hacks’, that can make everyday life that little bit easier. Whether you’re removing fluff from clothing, levelling a picture frame or fixing a wobbly table, there’s a #BluHack for that!

But what do you do with your Blu Tack®?

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[About Blu Tack®]

Since its invention almost 50 years ago, hundreds of millions of packs of Blu Tack® have been sold throughout the UK and beyond – making it the nation’s favourite reusable adhesive.

Blu Tack® from Bostik:

  • Available in Handy or Economy size
  • Blue, white and pink colour options
  • Clean, safe and easy to use
  • Made in Britain for almost 50 years
  • CE approved

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