About Blu Tack®

[Who invented] Blu Tack®?

Blu Tack® is an iconic reusable adhesive that can be found in homes, offices and schools throughout the UK and beyond. But did you know, despite numerous appeals from Bostik for the inventor to step forward, the mastermind behind the product has remained a mystery for almost 50 years?

Bostik’s factory in Leicester still produces tonnes of Blu Tack® every week - for decades, the recipe has been kept a closely guarded secret


However, the substance was actually a by-product of an experiment to make a new sealant. Although the experiment was a failure, workers started using the resulting ‘goo’ to stick messages to each other's desks. Once Bostik realised what they had, they tested manufacturing the formulation on a bigger scale.

Fast forward almost 50 years and hundreds of millions of packs of Blu Tack® have been sold throughout the UK and beyond – making it the nation’s favourite reusable adhesive.

Blu Tack® from Bostik:

  • Available in Handy or Economy size
  • Blue, white and pink colour options
  • Clean, safe and easy to use
  • Made in Britain for almost 50 years
  • CE approved